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Gesellschaft für Sensorik mbH - Hersteller und Lieferant

Dünnschichttechnologie, Druckmesselemente, Temperatursensoren

Druckmesselemente und Sensorelemente
Druckmesselemente und Sensorelemente

GFS Gesellschaft für Sensorik mbH
Grubenstr. 2
78052 Villingen-Schwenningen

Telephone: +49 7721 / 8475-0
Fax: +49 7721 / 8475-75

The Company

Thin film and thick film technology for sensors and components

We have been developing and manufacturing sensors and components in Villingen-Schwenningen for 25 years.

  • The combination of intensive research and development with optimised process procedures define our product standard:
    Quality, reliability and stability.
  • Our motivated staff put their specialist knowledge into innovations of processes, products and applications.

These factors for success have made us one of the leading specialists in the field of thin film and thick film technology for sensors and components.

The high standards we set for our products require extensive research, development, and uncompromising implementation of process-integrated quality.
Our quality strategy is applied with process-specific controls during production, and highly developed instrumentation.

Present certification “ISO 9001:2015”

Certificate IQNet as PDF-File

Certificate ISO as PDF-File

Our OEM-Products in use

You will find our OEM products in many of the products made by suppliers of measurement and control technology with applications in the following areas:

  • hydraulics
  • mechanical engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • heating and cooling engineering
  • plant engineering
  • safety engineering
  • Test engineering …

Due to our high level of flexibility in the area of manufacturing and development we can get together a package for you that will suit your requirements. We may even already have the solution for your problem in the shape of a standard product with the advantage that they are quickly available, economical, even in smaller quantities.

Or even – if this doesn’t cover your needs – a new, customer-specific product that we develop and manufacture for you.

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