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Druckmesselemente und Sensorelemente
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Nickel Temperature Sensors

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We have manufactured and developed thin film nickel temperature measuring resistors for over 25 years.
Of all the metals, nickel has the highest thermal change of resistance and subsequently provides a higher measurement signal.

Nickel measuring resistors have been used since the beginning of electronic heating regulation, air-conditioning and ventilation of buildings and systems.
They are also used in industrial measuring and automation technology.

Used by heating manufacturers and their suppliers, makers of sensors, and manufacturers of process automats and laboratory measuring equipment.


  • metal film resistor with excellent long-term properties
  • bearing material is ceramic with good heat conductivity
  • All the standard characteristics in Europe and the USA are available.
  • high accuracy due to laser trimming
  • great thermal sensitivity
  • Simple passive linearization of the measurement signal is possible.
  • Various base values, designs and connection types in store.
  • Other custom models possible.


Resistor materialNickel
StandardDIN 43760, TK 5000 or other
ToleranceDIN 43760 or ½ DIN or ¼ DIN
Temperature range-60 to 250°C
Time constant<0,1 sec in water
<9 sec in air
Internal heat dissipationtypical 0,3 K / mW
Typical base values100, 500, 1000 ohm


Common implementations of the Ni-temperatur sensors

Nominal resistive value 0°CGFS Art.NoDimensionsCharacteristicsConnectorDatasheet
100100 0643,0 x 2,2DIN 43760Cu-wire, zinc-plated 38mmNi100064e
100100 0684,0 x 3,81DIN 43760Pins pitch 1,9mmNi100068e
120100 485-4 5,0 x 2,0TK 6720Ni-wire 15mmNi100485-4e
500100 488-1 5,0 x 2,0DIN 43760Ni-wire 15mmNi100488-1e
500100 069 4,0 x 3,8DIN 43760Pins pitch 1,9mmNi100069e
500100 050 SMD 1206TK 5000Solderpads gold platedNi100050e
1000 100 084 5,0 x 2,0TK 5000Ni-wire 15mmNi100084e
1000 100 489 5,0 x 2,0DIN 43760Ni-wire 15mmNi100489e
1000 100 048 4,8 x 3,8TK 5000Pins pitch 1,9mmNi100048e
1000 RT100 439 4,8 x 3,8TK 6370Pins pitch 1,9mmNi100439e
1000 100 461 4,8 x 3,8DIN 43760Pins pitch 1,9mmNi100461e
1000 100 054 SMD 1206 DIN 43760Solderpads gold platedNi100054e
Modified connector length and reduced tolerances available.

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