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Druckmesselemente und Sensorelemente
Druckmesselemente und Sensorelemente

OEM Pressure Sensors


We develop and produce OEM pressure sensors using thin film on steel technology for high standards in our own plant.
The pressure is measured using expansion measurement structures on a steel membrane.

Under pressure load the membrane changes shape, resulting in a change of the electrical resistance of the structure.

By manufacturing using progressive GFS thin film technology, and with our many years of production experience our products have the highest measuring accuracy and stability.
Used by manufacturers of pressure transmitters and pressure measuring systems.


  • measuring structure is layered directly onto the steel
  • special steel membrane
  • highest accuracy and long-term stability
  • integrated temperature compensation or integrated temperature measuring resistor
  • optimum sensitivity due to strain gauge bridge circuit
  • resistant against extreme ambient conditions
  • customised design of the membrane and connection piece also possible
  • Scope of delivery:
    OEM sensor (=measuring cell with welded pressure connection and electrical connecting flex) or coated measuring cell


Pressure cell materialSteel 1.4542
Pressure range1,6 bar - 2.000 bar
Max. operating voltage20 Volt
Bridge zero signal <0,05 mV / V
TC zero point <50 ppm F.S. / °C
Sensitivity1,8 mV / V
TC span<50 ppm F.S. / °C
Accuracy from standard<0,2% F.S.
Stability<0,1% F.S. p.a.
Insulation voltage>500 V
Temperature range-40°C ... 125°C
Electrical connection Flex cable, solder or bond pads
Cell diameter 8 mm or 11,6 mm or custom on request


Download our datasheet here: GFS OEM Pressure Sensors.pdf

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